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Intelligent Systems

The Intelligent Systems research unit - an interdisciplinary research group at the IIT - is focused on the study and application of advanced techniques to facilitate decision making in the exploitation and planning of systems, equipment and industrial processes. Making use of the most advanced techniques and technology, we design, develop and put into operation ‘made to measure’ systems to facilitate decision making in complex problems such as the long- and short-term planning of large electrical companies, (MORSE or DECA projects), the diagnosis and maintenance of equipment and industrial plants (DENISE-MAINTENANCE), the automatic identification of vehicles in road traffic or the automatic guidance of autonomous vehicles (VISICOPTER). In general, the research projects we undertake provide solutions to the real problems of the companies with which we collaborate and facilitate their business activities, in many cases leading to greater profitability in the short term. We have our own tools for the construction of Information Systems OLAP, Knowledge-Based Systems, and for the Analysis, Prediction and Mining of Data, all of which enable us to provide effective solutions to many of the problems we are asked to study and solve. The area carries out most of its activities in the electrical, gas, agricultural transport and health sectors. The fields of activity of the area and the techniques employed are rapidly selected and modified in accordance with changes in technology and the interests of industry.

Research topics

  • Smart client, building and districts
  • Smart industry: security and asset control
  • Smart industry: life cycle analysis and asset management
  • Smart industry: process virtualization
  • Smart industry: synthetic sample generation
  • Smart industry: maintenance, reliability and diagnosis with self and deep learning techniques
  • Smart industry: artificial agent design using deep reinforcement learning
  • Smart industry: application of deep learning techniques to industrial processes
  • Advance data analytics in distribution networks
  • Energy data analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data analytics
  • Gamification, serious games, applied games