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Technological offer

The aim of the IIT is to contribute to society by transferring its research results. This transfer is carried out by developing research projects under different modalities. Among them, the IIT offers a catalog of products and services that can be purchased / hired directly by third parties and which can be grouped into two categories:

  • Software tools
  • Advisory and consulting services

The first group includes all the decision support models developed by the IIT in collaborative projects with the main companies of the electric power and railway sectors in Spain and abroad. These tools are built to meet the particular needs of the customer and are designed using the most advanced techniques available (optimization, simulation, data management, etc.) to ensure the quality of the final solution. Some of these tools can be commercialized as shown below in the IIT technological offer list.

The second group comprises advisory and consulting services (including specialized training). In this case, the final deliverable is usually a report containing the conclusions of the study (such as regulatory recommendations, analysis and foresight, etc.), or a specialized course designed and delivered on demand.

Solutions developed by the IIT areas: