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Social Commitment


IIT tries to make a social contribution supporting technological development. Within the framework of this commitment to society, our initiatives aim at improving the sustainability of the energy sector and promoting universal access to energy for the most disadvantaged populations. Through these initiatives, our members collaborate with foundations and organizations very close to IIT participating in research projects such as the following.


  • Chair of Energy and Poverty         

    Created by Comillas Pontifical University, in collaboration with a group of energy companies and social agents, the Chair of Energy and Poverty aims to make a substantial contribution to the solution of energy poverty in Spain, thanks to the long history of research work around the great social challenges of our country carried out by this university.

  • Juan Carlos Lavalle Association         

    The Juan Carlos Lavalle association is a private, non-profit and pluralist association dedicated to the promotion of relations with the Third World in the field of education and social assistance.

  • Energy Without Borders         

    Energy Without Borders is an NGO whose mission is to extend and facilitate access to energy and drinking water services to those who still do not have them, or obtain them in precarious conditions or due to inappropriate procedures.

  • ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation         

    The purpose of the Foundation is to provide the necessary material, technical and human resources to cooperate in the development of depressed populations by collaborating in projects of effectiveness, impact and sustainability.

  • Social Consultancy         

    The ICADE Business Social Consultancy is a professional university volunteer initiative that combines social commitment, social training and collective thinking, thus allowing students to practice their skills in projects that put the economy at the service of people.

  • Energy and Sustainability BP Chair         

    The aim of BP Chair is to promote studies, training and spreading actions related to sustainable development.

  • Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST)          

    HEST programme aims to mobilise the resources of Jesuit Universities and Faculties across Europe and to link them with our Social centres putting academic research at the service of society.

  • Chair in Science, Technology and Religion         

    The Francisco de Ayala Chair in Science, Technology and Religion promotes and facilitates dialog between the world view advocated by science and technology and that which derives from philosophical and theological thought, handed down from cultural and religious traditions.

  • MIT & IIT Comillas Universal Access Lab         

    This research group aim to accelerate universal energy access efforts by building data-driven modeling tools and considering social factors to make planning, policy, and regulatory recommendations.

  • Spanish Roundtable on Universal Energy Access         

    The field of action of this roundtable is the universal access to sustainable electric and thermal energy, focused on isolated rural communities suffering poverty and lack of basic services where there is no conventional networks.

  • Más que Ingeniería MAG+S         

    Más que Ingeniería is a MAG+S pastoral activity that seeks to offer professionals in the field of Engineering to deepen their vocational process as Christians and engineers, integrating studies and the profession with the Gospel.