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Areas of IIT

The Bioengineering Area is a research group focused on the application of mechanical, electronics, biomaterials, nanotechnology and metrology fields, to the healthcare world.

The Fire Safety, Thermal and Fluids Engineering Area is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the study and analysis of the dynamics of fire, as well as its effect on materials and structures, through extensive experience in the use of numerical techniques.

The Energy Systems Models Area is constituted by expert researchers in developing models for supporting decisions and techno-economic analysis of generation, transmission and distribution systems in the energy sector.

The Smart and Sustainable Grids research unit is an interdisciplinary group at the IIT which is focused on the analysis and development of models for the simulation and optimization of future electricity networks.

"El IIT es un referente internacional en sistemas y mercados energéticos, cuya actividad se ha plasmado, entre otros campos, en el modelo de regulación del sistema eléctrico español y de otros países"

The activities of the Power-Economics Regulation research unit are centred on the design and analysis of the regulative measures which make possible the incorporation of strategic, economic and environmental considerations into the management of the energy sector.

The Modelling, Analysis and Control research unit is a multidisciplinary group made up of teachers and researchers from the Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica. Its central focus is research related to the analysis, control and modelling of electricity power systems and its work has largely been

The Railway Systems research unit is an interdisciplinary group at the IIT which is focused on the railway sector: traffic planning and control, energy efficiency, power supply systems, energy and transport capacity optimization, design of overhead contact lines, composite materials and adhesive bonding, communications and RAMS

The Intelligent Systems research unit - an interdisciplinary research group at the IIT - is focused on the study and application of advanced techniques to facilitate decision making in the exploitation and planning of systems, equipment and industrial processes.

The Smart Management for Sustainability Area is a multidisciplinary research group aimed at building and promoting firms’ competitive advantages.