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Description of IIT

The IIT, Institute for Research in Technology, belongs to the School of Engineering (ICAI) of Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid (Comillas).

Its main aim is to promote research and postgraduate training in diverse technological fields through participation in specific projects of interest for Industry and the Government.

It is a non-profit Institute, which aims to be flexible and pragmatic in the way it works. It is essentially financed by projects contracted by companies, and thus responds to a clear social demand.

The results of the research projects can be grouped according to the following categories:

  • Computer science applications (generally developed according to client specifications) used by an increasing number of companies.
  • Analyses, studies, and consultancy developed for companies and institutions in different countries.
  • Doctoral theses read at the University and publications at international conferences or in international journals.

Research in the IIT is conducted by the academic staff (Professors and Researchers) as well as by a group of postgraduates following a Research Training Program. Postgraduate students are generally funded by IIT scholarships and work as Research Assistants exclusively at the Institute. Work teams are formed from both groups to develop research projects, sometimes resulting in doctoral theses.

172 researchers

Research professors
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Projects in competitive calls
Projects with private companies
Companies with which we collaborate
46.0 M€
Turnover of competitive calls
79.7 M€
Turnover of private projects
Papers in impact factor journals (total)
78.6 %
Papers in Q1 (total)
Doctoral Theses carried out by IIT authors (total)
Papers in impact factor journals (2023)
81.8 %
Papers in Q1 (2023)
Doctoral Theses carried out by IIT authors (2023)