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Project information

Fast development system of autonomous mobile robots

A. Sánchez

December 2005 - December 2005

Funding entity RAMEM

The SRDeRMA system consists of all the necessary components for the development of an autonomous mobile robot. The TCS is the kernel of the system. It is an electronic board with the following features: communication with a computer o PDA through serial port (RS-232 protocol) and by radiofrequency, it deals with analogical sensors, encoders, digital sensors, ultrasound sensors, and motor and servomotor control (using PWM). The system has enough flexibility to integrate a variable number of each family of sensors, and different type of sensors of each family. These features allow the user for adapting the system to his robot real necessities. The high level control of the robot is achieved using a PDA or through a wireless connection, which gives a great versatility to the programation of the robot behaviour, since it will be possible to utilize high level programation languages. Therefore any user can have a system for controlling autonomous robots that allow more level of configuration and adaptation to user necessities than any other commercial systems in the market.