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Mechanical and Electrical Design of the Catenary of a High-Speed Train

L. Rouco F. Fernández A. Fernández-Cardador J. Pérez E. Pilo L. Sánchez

January 1998 - September 1999

Funding entity SEMI (Sociedad Española de Montajes Industriales)

The aim of the project is the development of computer tools for the mechanical and electrical design of the catenary of a high speed train. The proposed computer tools will simulate the mechanical and electrical behavior of the catenary.
The design of the catenary of conventional trains is well-defined both in the technical literature and in the practice of the specialized companies. In contrast, the design of the catenary of a high speed train exhibits a number of difficulties. Therefore, few companies in the world has solved the problem and offer a commercial product.
From the mechanical point of view, the catenary must withstand the dynamic stresses due to the pass of a high speed train (up to 385 km/h) and the aerodynamic effects of lateral winds (up to 140 km/h). A structural analysis program based on the finite elements method will be developed.
From the electrical point of view, the design of the catenary is included in the general problem of designing the supply system of the high speed train. Conventional trains are fed with DC current, whereas high speed trains are fed with single phase AC current. The design of the supply system of a high speed train will take into account several criteria. A computer tool able to represent 1x25 kV and 2x25 kV systems will be developed.

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