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External cost internalization of bioethanol to be used as transport fuel

J. Montes S. Ortiz P.R. Castelló

March 2003 - March 2004

Funding entity Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

The main goals of this project are:

1. Manufacturing Costs of bioethanol from cereals.

2. Comparative study of the fuels tax system in Spain and the rest of the EU and the european guidelines repercussions and the Parlamient recommendations

3. Study of the volume and distribution of traffic in rural and urban areas of Spain.

4. Implementation of the methodology developed in the EU in Extern-E project to cuantify the enviromental costs of the use of hydrocarbons in the spanish case.

5. Study of the less enviromental cost and for health which is represented by bioethanol introduction in different scenes.

6. Proposal of fiscal choices and subsidies policy which could encourage the introduction of the bioetanol in the different conidered scene.

    Research topics:
  • *Green energy integration
  • *Medium-term tactical planning


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