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Dr. Luis Olmos Camacho

Current position:
Senior Research Associate Professor
Association date:
SM26. D-103
Phone Number:
+34 91 542-2800 ext. 6260
Phone number:
Researcher ID:
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Dr. Luis Olmos was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1976. He belongs to the research staff of the Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica, Pontificia Comillas University. He got the degree in Industrial Engineering from the Pontificia Comillas University in 2000. In 2006, he got the PhD. in Industrial Engineering from the Pontificia Comillas University. The title of his PhD. disertation was “A regulatory framework for the transmission network in regional electricity markets”. He has extensively reasearched the regulation of energy markets and the economics of power systems, with a special focus on the regulation of the transmission of electricity and all the problems that are related to it: allocation of sunk costs, design of tariffs, management of congestion and plannification of the expansion of the grid.rnrnThroughout his professional career, he has been involved in a large number of reserach and consultancy projects commissioned by public entities and companies from several countries. As a consultant for the Directorate General for Energy and Transport of the European Commission, he has been intensively involved in the design and implementation of the Internal Electricity Market of the European Union. He has also got experience in the identification and control of industrial systems of any type. Dr. Olmos has published contributed to several books and published more than 10 papers on these topics in scientific journals and international conferences.

Areas of interest:

Regulation of the energy sector. Transmission of electricity. Power economics. System identification.

Journal Publications


Ph.D. Thesis

Conference Papers

Books and Book Chapters

International Exchanges

  • Jun - Aug 2004, Delft University of Technology. Delft (Netherlands).
  • Jul - Aug 2003, University of Cambridge. Cambridge (United Kingdom).

Invited Conferences and Seminars

  • Workshop "Flexibility options – the Open ENTRANCE case studies". Open ENTRANCE project. Online. Jan 2023.
  • Workshop "The Cost of Renewable Energy in the EU". European University Institute. Florence (Italy). May 2011.
  • Conference "Designing support to clean innovation" FSR 1st Executive Seminar «Regulation of electricity systems with high penetration of generation based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES)». Florence School of Regulation. Florence (Italy). Apr 2011.
  • Seminar "Discussion on Future Trends" SUSPLAN-Regional Kick-Off Workshop “Energy Infrastructure Scenarios for the South-Western Region”. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Mar 2009.

Organization of Scientific Meetings

  • Member of Committee at "Technical Program Committee «XXII Power Systems Computation Conference- PSCC 2022»". Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência (INESC TEC). Porto (Portugal). Jun - Jul 2022.
  • Member of Committee at "Technical Program Committee «XXI Power Systems Computation Conference- PSCC 2020»". Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência (INESC TEC). Porto (Portugal). Jun - Jul 2020.
  • Permanent member at "Power Systems Computation Conference - PSCC" Jun 2017 - Today.
  • Member of Committee at "IEEE International Energy Conference - ENERGYCON 2016". Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. - IEEE; y Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Leuven (Belgium). Apr 2016.
  • Organization of "11th Young Energy Economists and Engineers Seminar - YEEES". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Nov 2011.
  • Organization of "Young Energy Economist & Engineers Seminar (YEEES)". Universidad Paris Sud, Universidad Técnica de Dresden, Universidad Ténica de Viena y Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Sep 2008.

Technical Reports

External Training Courses

External Relevant Positions

  • Coordinator of Electrical Energy Systems University Enterprise Training Partnership (EES-UETP). Porto (Portugal). Jan 2009 - Today.

Other Activities

  • Organization of "Re-thinking the regulation of the power system to integrate large shares of renewables and distributed energy resources". Universidad Pontificia Comillas; y EES-UETP. Madrid (Spain). Feb 2017.