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Dr. Michel Rivier Abbad

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SM26. D-504
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+34 91 542-2800 ext. 6111
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Ph.D. in Electrical Engineer (Universidad Pontificia Comillas).

From 2002 to 2008, he has been Director of the \"Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica\" IIT (Tecnological Research Institute) at Comillas University.

He is Full Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department.

He has participated in several consultancy and research projects concerning operation, planning, economy and regulation of electricity energy systems for several Spanish and foreign firms and regulatory commissions, related with the electricity industry.

Areas of interest:

Electric power systems analysis, optimisation, regulation economic, operation and planning. Optimisation techniques.

Journal Publications

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Conference Papers

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Books and Book Chapters

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Invited Conferences and Seminars

  • Chair in "2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications -ICRERA 2013" Program Chair and Technical Chair. Universidad Pontificia Comillas e International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER). Madrid (Spain). Oct 2013.
  • Round table "European Interconnectors" 7th International Conference on the European Energuy Market, EEM10. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2010.
  • Conference "On the use of pay-as-bid auctions in California: some criticisms and alternative proposal" California Power Exchange Blue Ribbon Panel "Pricing in the California Power Exchange Electricity Market: Should California Switch from Uniform Pricing to Pay-as-Bid Pricing?". New York (United States of America). Nov 2000.
  • Seminar "Opening and presentation. The power pool of Alberta: Alberta's approach to a competitive pool" Aula de Regulación para la Industria Eléctrica. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Feb 1998.
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Organization of Scientific Meetings

  • Organization of "14th IEEE PowerTech Conference 2021" Special sessions and panel chairs. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES); y Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun - Jul 2021.
  • Organization of "Privatization and restructuring of the electricity sector in Latin America". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Mar 1998.
  • Organization of "The power pool of Alberta: Alberta's approach to a competitive pool". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Feb 1998.
  • Organization of "International trading in the nordic electricity market: transmission pricing and constraints management". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Dec 1997.
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Technical Reports

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Working Papers

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External Training Courses

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Media and research dissemination

  • "1X03 - The challenge of energy decarbonization". Casting the Future. (May 2022)
  • "The Spanish electricity sector of the future: challenges and policies". Presentación de informe. (May 2019)
  • "Light continues rising and the CNMC continues without saying if it investigates". EuroMundo Global. (Jan 2017)
  • "Light rises 2.5% more with no visible solutions". Diario 20 minutos. (Jan 2017)
  • "The price of light. Talk-show". Radio Nacional-Radio 1. Las mañanas de RNE (Jan 2017)
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Other Activities

  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Gerres, T. «Understanding the implications of industrial decarbonisation. A multidisciplinary approach towards the transition of the basic materials industry and its impact on our energy systems»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jan 2022.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Romero Mora, J.C. «Measuring energy sustainability: a new operational framework based on weak and strong indicators»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Apr 2019.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Zhao, Q. «Technical and economic impact of the deployment of a VSC-MTDC supergrid with large-scale penetration of offshore wind»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Feb 2019.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Iychettira, K. K. «National renewable policies in an international electricity market. A socio-technical study»". Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft). Delft (Netherlands). Apr 2018.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Báñez Chicharro, F. «Methodology for benefit analysis of transmission expansion projects»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2017.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Mastropietro, P. «Regulatory design of capacity remuneration mechanisms in regional and low-carbon electric power markets»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2016.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Morales España, G.A. «Unit commitment: computational performance, system representation and wind uncertainty management »". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Oct 2014.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Chaves Avila, J.P. «European short-term electricity market designs under high penetration of wind power»". Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft). Delft (Netherlands). Sep 2014.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Lumbreras Sancho, S. «Decision support methods for large-scale flexible transmission expansion planning»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2014.
  • Doctoral Defense Committee of "Vázquez Martínez, M. «Analysis of forward prices in electricity markets by means of their fundamental drivers»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jul 2011.
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