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Energy Systems Models

The Energy Systems Models Area is constituted by expert researchers in developing models for efficiently supporting decisions and techno-economic analysis of generation, transmission and distribution systems in the energy sector. A fundamental aspect of this analysis is the modelling of energy markets and the associated operative, tactical and strategic decisions. The area research is the cornerstone of disciplines such as operations research, energy economics and power systems operation. The unit’s work is focused on the creation of numerous computer models and on providing complementary analysis, advice and consulting services. We are relevant leaders and participate in European projects with public or private support and in many national and international projects. The unit is composed of an interdisciplinary research team that is continuously adapting to the emerging necessities of a sector that is undergoing a process of change worldwide. We also have an important teaching function. The unit participates intensively in the Master and PhD program in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería (ICAI) and in the Asociación Universidad/Empresa para la Formación en Sistemas de Energía Eléctrica (AUEF-SEE).

Research topics

  • Electricity, natural gas and renewable gases markets models
  • EPEC and MPEC models
  • Gamification
  • Generation and transmission planning co-optimization
  • Integrated water and energy models
  • Modeling of industrial processes and industrial decarbonization technologies
  • Network constrained optimal generation scheduling for hybrid AC/DC systems
  • Philosophical implications of modeling, Philosophy of Technology
  • Risk management models
  • Serious games, applied games
  • Short and Medium term hydro and hydrothermal scheduling
  • Strategic bidding models
  • Unit-commitment in electricity markets with high RES penetration