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Ph. D. Thesis information

A comprehensive decision support framework for the provision of universal access to modern power services in developing countries

Andrés González García

Supervised by I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, A. Moreno Romero

Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain)

March 5th, 2024


Universal Access to Electricity, modern heat and cooking by 2030, meeting essential service levels to fight energy poverty, particularly in developing countries, and to enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals could be potentially within reach for several countries but will not be feasible for many, even by 2030 or later, unless urgent and appropriate action is taken, commensurate to meet the challenge, especially for the less developed countries in Africa.
To search for solutions to the lack of access to electricity, with some 774 million people still relying on kerosene lamps, candles, or disposable battery lanterns for lighting (and 75 million more who have lost their ability to pay for electricity after the recent COVID pandemic) and for those 2.4 billion who still rely on wood and three stone fires for domestic cooking and heating, to whom we’d have to add those with unreliable and inadequate quality of service, the Author has followed a multidisciplinary approach with the careful consideration of several interrelated factors (institutional, financial, technological, social, environmental) from multiple perspectives (individual, local, regional, national, and international).
This thesis advances a comprehensive framework that brings together all these different perspectives, as well as the challenges and opportunities, through an indepth study of what drives decision making and advances the development of different methodologies, frameworks and modeling approaches that different governments, institutions, private companies, donors, banks, NGOs and, most importantly, beneficiaries need to address this challenge.

Spanish layman's summary:

La tesis, desarrollada en 25 países, propone un marco multidisciplinar para la toma de decisiones mediante modelos de ordenador para gobiernos, distribuidoras, inversores, instituciones de desarrollo y comunidades puedan lograr el acceso universal a la electricidad en África, Asia y América.

English layman's summary:

Drawing on a decade of research in 25 countries, the thesis provides a computer models fact-based multidisciplinary and comprehensive decision-making framework for governments, utilities, investors, DFIs, practitioners and communities to bridge the electrification gap in Africa, Asia and America.

Descriptors: Electricity, Transmission and distribution, Economics of technological change, Social change and development

Keywords: universal access; electrification; energy poverty; energy transition; governance; decision-making; least-cost planning; regulation; energy policy; shared values; SDG7; SDG17

A. González-García (2024), A comprehensive decision support framework for the provision of universal access to modern power services in developing countries. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain).

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