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Remote Administration Based on VPN for Home Networks

R. Palacios, J.D. Muñoz Frías

Sys Admin, the journal for Unix and Linux systems administrators Vol. 14, nº. 10, pp. 39 - 42

Because of recent improvements in communications, telework is increasing in all developed countries. One of the major problems associated with telework, from the technical point of view, relates to network and computer configuration. Although these problems are usually easily solved by systems administrators in the office, they can sometimes be impossible to address without going to the employee\'s home. In this article we describe a method that allows for remote administration of home computers and network, with minimal user interaction. The system is called Remote Administration Kit (RAK), and it is based on a portable computer preconfigurated with the Windows or Linux operating system. When the computer is connected to the home network, it automatically establishes a VPN tunnel with the main office, thereby providing a direct connection for local network management. RAK has been used to configure the home router and to access home computers. Potential applications for this system include remote support for teleworkers or small affiliated offices, maintenance services for SOHO\'s that can be arranged for a fixed monthly fee, and remote assistance offered by telephone companies or ISPs that provide Internet access.

Published on paper: October 2005.

R. Palacios, J.D. Muñoz Frías, Remote Administration Based on VPN for Home Networks. Sys Admin, the journal for Unix and Linux systems administrators. Vol. 14, nº. 10, pp. 39 - 42, October 2005.