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Project information

Wind energy intermittency: from wind farm turbulence to economic management

A. Ramos C. Batlle S. Wogrin P. Rodilla

November 2012 - October 2017

Funding entity Johns Hopkins University

Participated by Texas Tech University

This project represents an integrated educational and research program for graduate and postgraduate students and professors at the Johns Hopkins U., Texas Tech U., Smith College, U. of Puerto Rico and their international collaborators at the Danish Technical U. (DTU) and the Risø Laboratory in Denmark, ECN in the Netherlands, EPFL in Switzerland, Katholieke U. Leuven in Belgium and Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Spain.
The collaboration is aimed at analyzing research issues such as the introduction of multiple wind generators in the electrical system, origins of fluctuations, statistical characterization and propagation of variability and the economic and social implications of the design and operation of a source of sustainable generation. With hundreds of billions of dollars invested in renewable generation and the associated structure in the coming years, it is crucial to develop tools to manage the variability to make effective and sustainable but intermittent use of these resources. The research is coupled with a student training program that includes carefully designed international experiences.
Comillas collaborates in the training of students in research topics of integration of wind generation, and in particular developing different research projects focused on the integration of wind generation in electricity markets, from the analysis of short and long market rules term to the study of the expansion of the networks in markets of regional scope, in order to evaluate how to take advantage of the complementarities of the different technologies in a supranational (supra-state) scope.