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Project information

Digital Twin for Europe

J. Matanza J.P. Chaves N. Rodríguez Pérez G. López M.A. Sánchez Fornié J. Portela C. Mateo

January 2024 - December 2026

Funding entity European Commission

Participated by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaftzur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V, Ubitech Energy, ENGINEERING - Ingegneria Informatica SPA, European Dynamics Luxembourg SA, Technische Universiteit Delft, Enel Grids S.R.L, University of Piraeus Research Center, LES DOO Sistemski Operater Prenosnega Elektroenergetskega Omrezja, Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem, Austrian Power Grid AG, Cresym, European Distribution System Operators AISBL, Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek N.V, Electrodistribution Grid West AD, Entra Energy, Elektroenergien Sistemen Operator EAD, Software Company EOOD, Yugoiztochnoevropeyska Tehnologichna Kompania OOD, CINTECH Solutions Ltd

The TwinEU project is at the forefront of transforming the energy sector through a series of innovative actions aimed at enhancing the capabilities, interoperability, and performance of Digital Twins (DTs) across Europe.

- Cross-Domain Federated DTs: Bridging the gap between different DTs by utilizing existing Smart Grid standards, open APIs, and integration with TensorFlow Hub, fostering a seamless exchange of data and models across various stakeholders.

- HPC-coupled Federated DTs Infrastructure: Leveraging High-Performance Computing (HPC) to boost the computational power of DTs, ensuring faster and more accurate data processing for real-time applications.

- Dataspace Adaptation for Pan-European DTs: Facilitating the sharing and exchange of AI/ML models and data across Europe, with a focus on improving interoperability, lifecycle management, and cross-stakeholder collaboration.

- Closed Loop Adaptive Digital Twins: Evolving DTs to be context-aware, autonomous, and adaptive, capable of real-time decision-making and self-learning to enhance grid monitoring and operation.

- Immersive Metaverse-oriented DTs: Integrating DTs with immersive technologies to create user-friendly and engaging Metaverse-oriented experiences, improving workflows and stakeholder collaboration in smart grids.

The project's objective is to set the stage for a more integrated, efficient, and innovative energy sector, paving the way for smarter grids and a sustainable future.

Layman's summary: Los "Digital Twins" (gemelos digitales) acoplados a la computación de alto rendimiento (HPC) permiten realizar simulaciones complejas y análisis de datos a gran velocidad, mejorando la precisión y eficiencia en diversos campos como la energía y manufactura