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Project information

Identification of appropriate sites for mini-grids, and development of adequate regulatory approach for integration in selected states in India

R. Palacios I.J. Pérez-Arriaga A. González-García

January 2019 - June 2019

Funding entity Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Participated by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rockefeller Foundation

This project focuses on the identification of appropriate sites for the deployment of a large number of mini-grids in the preselected number of Indian states, including preliminary design features of these mini-grids.
The project is developed by the Universal Energy Access Lab, partnership between Comillas-IIT and MITei (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Energy Initiative).
IIT also participates in developing the most adequate regulatory approach to integrate the presence of this large number of mini-grids into the existing activity of the distribution companies in the corresponding territories, looking for the maximum short-term energy access while considering also a long-term efficient outcome. This required working with the incumbent distribution companies and with the relevant central and state governmental bodies to define workable deployment paths with both a short-, medium- and long-term views, to establish adequate collaboration and to identify and implement any necessary policy reforms.