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Project information

Support to deployment of DRE solutions within the Rockefeller Foundation Call for Action and the Integrated Distribution Framework

F. de Cuadra C. Mateo P. Mastropietro S. Díaz-Pastor I.J. Pérez-Arriaga A. González-García P. Dueñas General

May 2021 - January 2023

Funding entity Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rockefeller Foundation

Participated by MIT, Waya Energy

This project is a collaboration between the MITei research team (in which the Comillas-IIT is a relevant partner) and the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) regarding the ongoing collaboration around the Global Commission to End Energy Poverty (GCEEP), and the development of a globally applicable Integrated Distribution Framework (IDF)
The main areas of action of the project are:
- Advancing IDF implementation aligned with the Call Action Plan for massive deployment of
Distributed Renewable Electrification (DRE) solutions
- Index measuring the progress towards a fully electrified and decarbonized economy for all
Some of the tasks included in the IIT contributions to the project are:
- Definition and implementation of computer models to analyse optimal electrification along time, in specific areas (several demand clusters related to the same feeder). Solutions include grid and off-grid options, uncertainty and multiple scenarios.
- Analysis of the effects and promotion schemes for demand growth: C&I customers, electric cooking or electric vehicles
- Definition of dynamic scenarios for demand, regulation and business models.
- Analysis of business models, policies, tariffs and subsidies.

Layman's summary: Collaboration between MIT, IIT and Rockefeller Foundation, regarding the Global Commission to End Energy Poverty (GCEEP), and the development -and application- of the Integrated Distribution Framework (IDF). Tools and models will be used to analyse optimal electrification with a holistic perspective