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Project information

Least-cost electrification plan of Maluku-Papua region of Indonesia

I.J. Pérez-Arriaga A. González-García

November 2018 - June 2019

Funding entity Asian Development Bank

Participated by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Government of Indonesia has the objective of providing near full electrification access by 2020. Despite the progress made so far, this objective will be particularly difficult to meet in the easternmost regions of the country, which presently have the lowest electrification rates.
An electrification plan is needed to estimate the investment required to achieve the established objectives and to guide and coordinate the activities of the state electricity company PLN as well as of other stakeholders.
A former electrification plan for the four provinces of Papua, Papua Barat, Maluku and Maluku Utara (in what follows Papua and Maluku) was developed for the Government of Indonesia and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in December 2017 by Castlerock Consulting.
The objective of this new plan is to assess, complement and develop in more detail the aforementioned plan using the Reference Electrification Model (REM) developed jointly by the Universal Energy Access Lab of IIT-Comillas and MIT. We will test diverse hypothetical scenarios to reflect the uncertainty of main input variables to the plan and the degrees of freedom of the planner: demand growth, priorities in the deployment of electrification, existence and treatment of embedded generation, and reliability of the main grid. The proposed study will also focus on Maluku and Papua. If successful, the software and methodology could be applied to more regions in Indonesia, in particular to remote non-electrified islands.
This project is developed jointly with the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT).