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Project information

EXCOM: Adjustment of the scheduling of thermal units

J. García-González

March 2023 - April 2023

Funding entity Endesa Medios y Sistemas S.L

The general objective of the project is to carry out the necessary developments to ensure compliance with the minimum up&down time constraints, as well as compliance with the commitment requirements derived from the technical constraint market.

Layman's summary: This project is part of the developments of the Excom model, which allows: 1) determining the schedule of start-ups and shutdowns of the thermal units of ENEL-Endesa, as well as their provisional hourly scheduling, 2) determining the optimal management of hydro resources, and 3) obtaining estimates of daily market prices (MD) taking into account the complete portfolio of purchases and sales of ENEL-Endesa, as well as estimates of the behavior of competing agents.