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Ph. D. Thesis information

Energy innovation policy in response to global challenges and the quest for sustainable prosperity

Adela Conchado Rodríguez

Supervised by Pedro Linares Llamas

This thesis synthesizes my journey in trying to understand how energy innovation policy could contribute to alleviating global sustainability challenges while generating welfare for countries. It has been a fascinating journey touching on many disciplines and fields of research: energy economics, innovation systems, sustainability transitions, development, globalization, strategic management… In the process, I have come up with a framework that helps to understand how the innovation outcomes a country is able to realize depend not only on how well it is able to build its innovation system (where the focus has mostly been recently), but also on international dynamics, as knowledge, production, markets and institutional developments become increasingly globalized. We show how this has been the case for both solar PV and wind technologies, and we derive policy implications for both countries and international climate change negotiations.

Descriptors: innovation, energy, policy, sustainability, climate change, renewable technologies

Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (España)

05 July 2017

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