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Protection systems in multi-terminal VSC-HVDC systems

J. Renedo , A. García-Cerrada , L. Rouco , L. Sigrist , J. Zamora , I. Egido , P. García-González , M. Ochoa , R. Marcos

This report presents a state of the art of protection algorithms in multi-terminal High Voltage Direct Current systems base don Voltage Source Converters (VSC-HVDC). The study is restricted to algorithms for the location of faults in the lines or in the buses of VSC-HVDC grids with arbitrary topology (meshed or radial), assuming that HVDC breakers are available for fault clearing. The study does not analyses protections at the AC side neither protections for internal faults of the converters. This report discuss different approaches for the detection and location of faults in meshed HVDC-VSC grids, analysing advantages, disadvantages y challenges for practical application. From the references analysed, it is concluded that there are currently protection algorithms with a high degree of maturity. However, more tests and studies are needed to guarantee the robustness of the protection algorithms. The most mature proposals are the ones that use local measurements at the terminals of the relays and inductors at the end of the DC lines. These inductors are used to limit the derivative of the fault current and, therefore, to give more time to the protection and also to improve the selectivity of the protection algorithm. Nevertheless, the control algorithms with communications do not seem to be mature enough for their application to multi-terminal VSC-HVDC systems with long lines, due to communication latencies and the difficulties for the synchronization of the measurements at both end sof the line. Hence, more research is needed in this line. To end, it is concluded that a systematic procedure to test the protection strategies investigated is needed. This work has been carried out for Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spanish Government within the project: ? Tools for the analysis and simulation of hybrid power systems HVDC-VSC multiterminal + HVAC (ENE2014-57760-C2-1-R)


Funding entity: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad. RETOS



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