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European advisory paper

C. Mateo , P. Frías , J. Reneses , R. Cossent , R. Lama , M. Di Napoli , L. Bazzani , F. Cazzato , B. Barth , H. Loew , E. Collado , Z. Musilova , D. Busek , P.M. Sonvilla , E. Binda Zane , O. Franz , R. Hermes , G. Concas , M. Rekinger , D. Craciun , M. Vandenbergh , V. Helmbrecht

This document aims at providing an overview of the issues and barriers that, at both European and national levels, need to be addressed in order to enhance the distribution grid capacity for PV and other distributed generation. A set of recommendations is presented in order to overcome these issues, allowing for the implementation of the identified technical solutions. [?]


Funding entity: Comisión Europea. Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE)



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