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A tool for the implementation of heavy-computational-load control functions in embedded systems

J.A. Rodríguez-Mondéjar, F. de Cuadra, O. Nieto-Taladriz

This paper presents tool for incorporating heavy-computational-load control functions in low-cost embedded systems. The proposed tool uses piecewise multilinear interpolation techniques recursively to approximate the target control function. The paper presents the theoretical basis of the proposed method and the software tool developed for implementation. The main implementation issues are explained in detail. The developed tool includes automatic C- and VHDL-code generators that implement the best hardware or software solution in terms of computational time and cost

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/IECON.1999.819354    

Published: November 1999.

    Research topics:
  • *Automation, Communications and Industrial Informatics


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