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Towards the automatic alignment of CIM and SCL ontologies

R. Santodomingo, J.A. Rodríguez-Mondéjar, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, S. Rohjans, M. Uslar

During the planning and configuration of future energy smart grids translations of configuration files between CIM and IEC 61850 standards are going to be required. In order to carry out such translations it is necessary to align the CIM and SCL ontologies, which define the semantics of the configuration files. This work presents a methodology to automatically obtain the alignments between such ontologies. The methodology is based on the interaction between two existing tools: CIMMappingBench and ESODAT. This interaction requires the participation of the Domain Expert, which is a software tool developed in this work. The Domain Expert is able to employ specific knowledge about the electric system domain in order to find new alignments. The tests carried out showed the ability of the methodology to find most of the alignments required to translate a configuration file representing a simple facility.

Keywords: energy management; substation automation; IEC standards; harmonization

2nd IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications - SmartGridComm 2011. ISBN: 978-1-4577-1703-1. Bruselas, Bélgica. 17-20 Octubre 2011

Published: October 2011.

    Research topics:
  • *Automation, Communications and Industrial Informatics
  • *Smart grids


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