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A multi-criteria approach to the analysis of modified 2x25kV bi-voltage systems using higher negative voltages

E. Pilo, L. Rouco, A. Fernández-Cardador

In bi-voltage systems, the positive voltage is normally established by the standards while the negative voltage can be chosen by the designer. Often the negative voltage is set to the same value used for the positive one in order to simplify the design, the operation and the maintenance. However, using a higher negative voltage can significantly enhance the capacity of the power supply system. This paper analyzes the benefits of using higher negative voltages from a technical point of view. To perform this analysis, a multi-criteria approach is used to find the most efficient negative voltages in relation to their cost.

8th World Congress on Railway Research - WCRR 2008. Seoul (Korea), 18-22 Mayo 2008

Published: May 2008.

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