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Use of system tariffs for distributed generators

A. González, T. Gómez

This paper presents a proposal to compute use-of-system (UoS) tariffs in distribution networks for distributed generation. The proposed calculation method provides tariffs based on the following principles: cost assignment through causality criterion, transparency, simplicity, efficiency and stability to let new investors reduce and control their risks. A study case based on a real distribution network is presented to show the practical applicability of the proposed method.

Keywords: Distributed Generation, Use of System Tariffs, Distribution networks

16th Power Systems Computation Conference - PSCC 08

Publication date: July 2008.

A. González, T. Gómez, Use of system tariffs for distributed generators, 16th Power Systems Computation Conference - PSCC 08. ISBN: 978-0-947649-28-9, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 14-18 July 2008

    Research topics:
  • *Smart grids


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