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A multiple criteria decision-aid methodology for appropriate rural electrification in developing countries

P. Romera, P. Linares

Electrification is widely acknoledged as a basic step towards the development of rural communities thoughout the world. However, in order for this development to be sustainable economically, socially and environmentally, sound methodologies have to be applied to the design of rural electrification strategies. Up to now, many large electrification schemes have failed because of two major problems: not involving thoroughly the future users, and not including social or enviromental concerns into the decision process. The not consideration of these factors increases largely the risk of failure of these schemes. Therefore, here a methodology based on multiple criteria decision techniques is proposed which contribute more to the risk of failure: social and environmental. Its application to real-world problems in expected to begin soon.

Keywords: Sustainable development, rural electrification, multicriteria

6th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Asessment and Management (PSAM6), San Juan (Puerto Rico). 23-28 Junio 2002

Published: June 2002.

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