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An Active Thermal Wall Based on Thermoelectricity

J. Vázquez, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, R. Palacios, A. Arenas

This paper describes the basic principles of a new concept for an active thermal wall able to improve the current practice of design and installation of air conditioning for enclosed spaces. The wall is a translucent or transparent flat wall which separates two environments (indoor and outdoor environments) at different temperatures allowing for the control of the desired temperature in one of these environments. This objective is reached using thermoelectric modules imbibed between translucent or transparent materials, such as glass windows, allowing for the transport of heat between the two environments at different temperatures. The most important applications to which the new active wall would be aimed are included within the sector of the thermal conditioning of spaces and heat transmission controlled in industrial machines or environments, substituting the usual installations.

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Sixth European Workshop on Thermoelectrics

Publication date: September 2001.

J. Vázquez, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, R. Palacios, A. Arenas, An Active Thermal Wall Based on Thermoelectricity, Sixth European Workshop on Thermoelectrics. Friburgo de Brisgovia, Germany, 20-21 September 2001

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