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Cooling system for hermetic devices based on thermoelectricity

R. Palacios, J. Vázquez, M.A. Sanz-Bobi

Cooling systems based on a continuous flow of fresh air are typically used in electronic devices. For applications in adverse environment such us underwater applications of industrial applications in high dust air, hermetic devices are needed. The major problem to design hermetic devices is to provide a proper cooling system. This paper describes different alternatives for cooling hermetic devices. The study has been done for a personal computer, evaluating the amount of heat produced during sleep condition and busy condition. Different cooling alternatives are presented: natural convection using standard radiators (for a noiseless system), and forced convection using radiators and fans. Both configurations are compared with the equivalent ones using thermoelectricity to increase the heat transfer between the inside of the hermetic box and the outside environment. It is demonstrated that without thermoelectricity, it is almost impossible to evacuate enough heat because the box of the PC has to be full of radiators. While applying the Peltier effect the heat transfer is highly increased.

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Sixth European Workshop on Thermoelectrics. Freiburg, Germany. 20-21 Septiembre 2001

Published: September 2001.

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