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A power system scenarios builder

F. Toral Fernández, J. Peco, L. Rouco, M.I. Navarrete, A. Mahou

This paper describes a computer tool that builds automatically power system scenarios. A scenario is fully defined by a solved load flow. A feasible solution does not contain any overload and all bus voltages are within selected limits. If an overload is found, the generation dispatch is changed to alleviate it. In addition, the voltage control resources (generators, transformers, shunt reactors and capacitors) are dispatched to achieve the desired voltage profile. A feasible load flow solution is sought instead an optimal one sice it reflects more accurately the actual operation of the power system. This tool is being used by the Spanish System Operator to determine the hourly scenarios of the Spanish power system as they are needed in the daily analysis of the system constraints.

Keywords: Power system scenarios, generation dispatch, voltage profile, DC load flow, fast decoupled load flow, sensitivities

13th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC '99), Trondheim (Norway). 28 June - 02 July 1999

Publication date: June 1999.

F. Toral Fernández, J. Peco, L. Rouco, M.I. Navarrete, A. Mahou, A power system scenarios builder, 13th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC '99). Trondheim, Norway, 28 June - 02 July 1999

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