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Improvement of the dynamic performance of the spanish power system with FACTS devices

R. Criado Calero, L. Rouco, J.M. Rodríguez, M. Noorozian

This paper explores the application of FACTS devices for the improvement of the dynamic performance of the Spanish power system. The application of controllable series capacitors to improve the damping of its inter-area oscillations is examined. The results of this study are compared with the suggestions of previous steady-state studies. Small-signal stability tools (i.e. eigenvalue sensitivities) are used to find the best locations of controllable series capacitors to damp the inter-area oscillations and to design the device damping controller. A non-linear time domain simulation tool is also used to verify the dynamic performance of the system. A realistic model of the Spanish power system is considered by bothtools.

Keywords: FACTS, controllable series capacitors, eigenvalue sensitivities, controllability factor, observability factor, non-linear time domain simulation.

CIGRE Session 1998, Paris (France), Paper No. 14-109, 29 August - 4 September 1998.

Published: August 1998.

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