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Guidelines for TSO-DSO-consumer system integration plan

I. Stoyanova, A. Bytyqi, C. Augusto, M. Couto, V. Sakas, F. Dominguez, K. Drivakou, C. Damas Silva, N. Petrovic, K. Kukk, B. Turha, J.P. Chaves, M. Troncia, J.M. Cruz, A. Coccia, A. Tzoumpas


This paper is the outcome from the work of task 4.3 of WP4 of the project OneNet. It provides a customer centric perspective for the data exchange and communication in the interaction between TSO, DSO, market and customer. The outcome serves as a basis for the definition of a TSO-DSO-customer integration plan to improve the interoperability and, therefore, increase the flexibility exploitation, support the integration of renewable and distributed energy sources and improve the grid reliability. The document introduces the applied methodology based on the work of the BRIDGE initiative. First, the outcome of numerous previous H2020 projects were reviewed to filter the relevant projects, which included the customer and discussed communication and data exchange with the customer. Then, the relevant projects were reviewed according to a pre-defined scheme to outline the state of the art in terms of customer-related interfaces, protocols and standards and to identify gaps and barriers. In the second step, the methodology is applied to the OneNet use cases, and the results are presented in a corresponding form. Beside these main modules, the outcome of a forum with international experts is integrated, as well as a consolidated view of the commonly reviewed projects at TSO, DSO and customer level. Based on the collected information, the authors derived requirement specifications and concrete measures from the identified communication-related gaps and formulated concrete guidelines for data exchange with the customer and TSO-DSO-customer interoperability.

Spanish layman's summary:

Este documento ofrece un enfoque centrado en el cliente para el intercambio de datos y la comunicación entre TSO, DSO, mercado y clientes. El resultado incluye especificaciones de requisitos y directrices para el intercambio de datos y la interoperabilidad entre TSO-DSO-cliente.

English layman's summary:

This paper from the OneNet project's WP4 Task 4.3 provides a customer-centric approach to data exchange and communication between TSO, DSO, market, and customers. The outcome includes requirement specifications and guidelines for data exchange and TSO-DSO-customer interoperability.

Keywords: Customer-centric perspective; TSO-DSO-customer coordination; Interoperability

IIT Project: OneNet (OneNet)

Funding entity: European Commission. Horizon 2020 – Cooperation / Energy

Publication date: 25-10-2022


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