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Business use cases for the OneNet

K. Drivakou, T. Bachoumis, A. Tzoumpas, C. Augusto, S. Giovanett, F. Dominguez, M. Troncia, L. Lind, F. Oliveira, S. Gandhi, J.M. Cruz, C. Damas Silva


Executive Summary
One of OneNet’s innovation pillars is to create an integrated marketplace for system services by contributing to the construction of the European Internal Market for electricity. The main objective of Task 2.3 is to produce a set of Business Use Cases (BUCs) for all demonstrators in the four clusters (Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern) and to evaluate them to ensure that are well-positioned and linked with the priorities set by the Green Deal and respectively with the project’s strategic objectives.
To reach the objectives of Task 2.3 this deliverable presents a set of BUCs, that will materialize the OneNet products and services. For this, the standardized IEC Use Case methodology was applied, which is based on the IEC 62559 template, in order to enable a common understanding of functionalities, actors and processes across the different demo BUCs.
In total 23 BUCs were developed from OneNet demonstrators. As a first step, these BUCs were evaluated in terms of (i) addressed system services, (ii) system operator’s approach for acquiring these services, and (iii) defined business roles.
To answer the question “What services were addressed in each BUC?”, the services addressed in each BUC were mapped against the OneNet system services framework developed in Task 2.2. This analysis concluded that when considering the services included in the BUCs, there is a clear focus on the provision of non-frequency ancillary services. Even in those cases where frequency control services are being considered, the BUC is considering options that evaluate joint solutions for both frequency control and non-frequency control. In addition, there would appear to be a slight focus on predictive services, i.e. services addressing need that arise as the result of forecast circumstances, even if several of the demonstrator partners are also considering BUCs aimed at addressing corrective needs, i.e. services addressing needs that arise as the result of unexpected circumstances.[...]

IIT Project: OneNet (OneNet)

Funding entity: European Commission. H2020 – LC-SC3-ES-5-2018-2020

Publication date: 28-09-2021


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