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Business models to support the developed concepts

R. Cossent, L. Lind, L. Simons, P. Frías, C. Valor, M. Correa

The identification of disruptive business models relying on the solutions developed and demonstrated is one of the core objectives of InteGrid. The work presented in this report aims to contribute to achieving this goal and complement the work done by the demos and the exploitation WPs. First, it is relevant to note that the definition of business model adopted in this report is in the following: A business model (“BM”) can be understood as a set of business strategies chosen by a certain agent (main actor) in order to generate economic benefit. These business strategies can combine multiple instruments, and the economic benefits can be generated by different sources of revenue streams and cost reductions. This report starts by identifying a list of potential BMs that may derive from the Integrid concept. This list comprises five general BMs, although several of them are, at the same time, broken down into several sub-BMs. Overall, up to 10 BMs and sub-BMs have been identified, each one of them characterized by the following parameters: main actor, benefits pursued, and strategies adopted to attain the previous benefits. These main actors comprise: DSOs, data service providers, data/flexibility platform operators, end consumers, and flexibility operators, i.e. VPPs and aggregators. A summary of these BMs is presented in the table below.[…]

IIT Project: InteGrid (InteGrid)

Funding entity: Comisión Europea. H2020

Publication date: 07-07-2020


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