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Computational modeling for promoting low-carbon electricity

A. Ramos J. García-González

January 2020 - February 2020

Funding entity Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Climate change is one of the major challenges that we are facing nowadays. Our modern lifestyle is not sustainable. We must decarbonize the energy system through the electrification of all energy consumption sectors (residential, industrial, transportation, …) and the promotion of renewable generation. Join us in this 5-session course to:
1) Understand the fundamentals of the electricity market and the role that renewable generation plays within it.
2) Learn how generation companies plan months and years ahead to ensure reliable electricity supply and how companies could contribute to reducing carbon emissions.
3) Use available information about electricity generation and consumption to improve the sustainability of the energy system and mitigate climate change.
4) Discover the potential role of microgrids to create sustainable energy communities, and to support the access to electricity to the 1 billion people who lack it.