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Project information

Analysis of Chilectra´s network using the IIT Network Reference Model

C. Mateo T. Gómez A. Sánchez P. Frías

April 2008 - November 2008

Funding entity Systep Ingeniería y Diseños Ltd

The goal of this project is to assist SYSTEP in the determination of the Aggregated Distribution Value of Chilectra (a Chilean distribution utility that supplies Santiago). The Network Reference Model, named PECO, will be used. The results will be submitted to the Chilean Regulator (CNE) in order to perform the 2008 Tariff Revision.
The Chilectra´s network will be modelled and several reliability scenarios will be performed. Both the street map and the orography of the area will be taken into account in full detail. The street map will be built automatically by the model.