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Development of new functions for the system for identification of regulators.

F.L. Pagola L. Rouco A. Zazo J. Zamora M.A. Sanz-Bobi F.J. Garrido R. Collantes

March 1995 - February 1996

Funding entity Iberdrola

This project has developed new functions of the System for Identification of Regulators (SIRE). SIRE is a comprehensive computer for identification of the dynamic models of excitation systems and speed-goberning systems used in power system stability studies. SIRE contains programs to define the dynmic models and the test protocols, to estimate the parameters the dynamic models of the regulators and to manage and compare historic data of the regulators. The main task of this project has been to develop programs for simulation and automatic tuning of voltage and speed regulators. New procedures of identification of speed governors have been added. These procedures result from the experience gained in the identification of four speed-governing systems.

SIRE (3)