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The hydro generation in the secondary reserve and load following service

T. Gómez I. Egido E. Lobato L. Olmos P. Frías

April 2008 - May 2008

Funding entity Iberdrola

Participated by INVESYDE S.L.

The aim of this study is to write a report for Iberdrola about the role of the hydro generation in the secondary reserve and load following service in Spain. This report is focussed on the analysis of the technical and economic conditions that should be met to ensure that this service is provided in competitive conditions by the market participants. In addition, it is analyzed if under the current conditions in the Spanish market, the hydro generation is able to exercise market power in this market.
The report has the following chapters:
1.- Overview of the secondary reserve and load following market in Spain: technical conditions and market structure and organization
2.- Technical characteristics to provide secondary reserve and load following: hydro, combined cycle, coal and fuel thermal, gas turbine and demand side management
3.- Experience in Europe: organization of the service and involved generation technologies
4.- History of the secondary reserve market in Spain: generation technologies, market participants, bids and prices.
5.- Conclusions

    Research topics:
  • *Energy markets design and regulation
  • *Automatic Generation Control: design and tuning of AGC regulators, identification of power plant models, primary and secondary regulation ancilliary services,


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