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Project information

(Herramienta de predicción de consumo de GLP envasado)

M.A. Sanz-Bobi J. Besada M. García

July 2003 - April 2004

Funding entity REPSOL GAS

This project has the following objectives:

1. Analysis of the key points to be taken into account in order to model the prediction of bottled gas demanded by the clients according to historical of four types of bottled gas supplied by REPSOL: UD-125, UD-110, I-350 y K-120. Also, other type of information that can help the modelling process, will be taken into account such as temperature.
2. Elaboration of models for prediction of bottled gas demanded by the clients. Models will be created for every gas distributor and aggregations of them.
3. Development of a software application based on Visual Basic in order to perform the predictions of bottled gas using the models elaborated.