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Specification and development of a prototype tool for the estimation of the electricity supply requirements and optimization of its economic management for a high-speed railway

P. Linares D. Pérez E. Pilo P. Romera

February 2001 - August 2001

Funding entity Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles

A tool for the management of electricity within railway infrastructure operations has been specified. This tool must enable the prevision of electricity consumption for different time scales, in order to take optimal decisions regarding both demand on the pool and contracts with retailing firms. In addition, the tool must include the possibility of using intra-day markets, and be equipped with a learning capacity in order to progressively reduce consumption estimation errors. Possible improvements to the tool, such as including contracts as supply alternatives, the incorporation of specific demand strategies regarding GIF, risk management, and automatic learning for consumption prevision are also indicated.
In addition, a prototype of some basic modules, that is, those in charge of receiving information on consumption and the railway traffic previewed, of compiling all these data as hourly consumption, and of preparing the file required to send the demand to the electricity market operator (OMEL) has been developed

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