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Project information

Design, prototype, and experimental tests for a thermoelectric device able to supply electrical energy to domestic gas heating systems

R. Palacios A. Arenas

May 2007 - December 2007

Funding entity Mondragón Componentes

Gas powered heating systems for domestic use, such as water heaters or stoves, require an electrical power supply. This electrical power supply is necessary, according to the type of equipment, for several devices like ignition, flame control, and electronic temperature control. In the case of equipment where electrical power is higher that 100 W, the usual solution is to connect the equipment to the mains, whereas in the case of equipment of low power (lower than 10 W) diverse solutions can be adopted to avoid electrical network dependency. These solutions are not free of disadvantages and include batteries or hydroelectric generators.
The work to done consists of designing thermoelectrical devices that will turn part of the heat of the equipment into electrical energy, so that those equipments can work without requiring other electrical power sources.