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Development of a optimization tool for advanced electro-mechanical design of high-speed catenary configurations

E. Pilo A. Carnicero J.R. Jiménez-Octavio O. López-García L. Rouco

July 2004 - July 2004

Funding entity SEMI (Sociedad Española de Montajes Industriales)

The proposed tool will have three different modules:
(i) The module of optimization of the geometry of the catenary uses direct search techniques for obtaining a set of conductors that minimizes the total impedance of the catenary assuming a negative voltage, a respository of available conductors and a set of restrictions for the positions of each conductor.
(ii) The module of optimization of the design of the poles determines the configuration of the poles that allows the placement of the conductors as determined by module (i). In this module, a pre-conceptual design of several configurations will be used.
(iii) The module of joint evaluation determines the performance of the resulting designs as well as their cost. Furthermore, it determines the search directions to be used in the multi-attribute optimization process.

The developped tools will be used to study the design of catenaries with negative voltages higher than than 27,5 kV. Even if it has not been yet used as a design variable, the use of higher negative voltages can reduce trasmission currents and allow longer sectors. However, the designs of catenaries, poles, substations and autotransformers have to be adapted to the selected negative voltage.

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