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Integrid - Demonstration of intelligent grid technologies for renewables integration and interactive consumer participation enabling interoperable market solutions and interconnected stakeholders

R. Cossent P. Frías J.P. Chaves L. Lind L. Simons M. Rivier P. Linares P. Mastropietro P. Rodilla T. Gerres J. Matanza G. López

December 2016 - May 2020

Funding entity Comisión Europea

Participated by EDP Distribuição Energia, SA, AdP - Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, CNET - Center for New Energy Technologies, SA, cyberGRID GmbH, Elektro Ljubljana, podjetje za distribucijo elektri?ne energije, d. d, Ellevio AB, GE Grid Solutions (UK) Ltd, INESC TEC - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores - Tecnologia e Ciência, KEMA Nederland BV, KTH - Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan, SAP SE, Staden I Mobilen

The InteGrid project intends to bridge the gap between citizens and technology in the area of smart distribution grids. The main objectives are:

- To demonstrate how distribution system operators (DSOs) may enable the different stakeholders to actively participate in the energy market and to develop and implement new business models, making use of new data management and consumer involvement approaches, and

- To demonstrate scalable and replicable solutions in an integrated environment that enable DSOs to plan and operate the network with a high share of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) in a stable, secure and economic way, using flexibility inherently offered by specific technologies and interaction with different stakeholders.

In order to achieve these goals, three large demonstration sites have been selected to be part of InteGrid: 1) «From smart grid to disruptive busines models» (Lisbon district, Portugal), «Consumer engagement towards sustainability» (Stockholm, Sweden), «Self-sustainability facilitation» (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Comillas University is leading the Work Package dealing with cost-benefit analyses, regulation and business models definition. Additionally, Comillas actively contributes to the assessment of stakeholder engagement and perspectives as well as the scalability and replicability potential of tested smart grid solution.

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Project funded by European Union, within Horizon 2020 Programme:

    Research topics:
  • Smart grids
  • Planning and operation of DER
  • Network regulation and tariff design with large shares of DER
  • Innovative business models in the power sector