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Micro-grids with renewables and storage to improve resiliency in future distribution networks

C. Mateo T. Gómez F. Postigo

September 2019 - August 2020

Funding entity Fundación Iberdrola España

The digitalization of the power system is modifying how the system is planned. The transmission network is highly automated and digitized, but it covers only 3% of the kilometers of the European electricity networks. The remaining 97% is covered by the distribution networks, which are significantly less monitorized and mainly radial, making more difficult to restore the service.
In this project it is developed a model to improve the resiliency of large-scale distribution networks, while minimizing the cost of the installations. A multi-objective optimization is implemented using meta-heuristics. The system is comprised of photovoltaics, batteries and smart switches, which are optimally located in the network and sized.

    Research topics:
  • Planning and operation of DER
  • Green energy integration
  • Smart grids


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