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Project information

Improvement of the Social Optimal Outcome of Market Integration of DG/RES in European Electricity Markets

T. Gómez L. Olmos R. Cossent C. Mateo

September 2007 - February 2010

Funding entity Comisión Europea

Participated by Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, ISET (Germany), RISOE (Denmark), Vienna University of Technology (Austria), NV Continuon (Netherlands), MVV Energie (Germany), Union Fenosa Distribucion (Spain)

The IMPROGRES project analyses a number of DG energy scenarios up to 2020 / 2030 that are transferred into current network practices. With three case studies an assessment is made of how distribution system operators (DSOs) cope with these increased DG shares and what are the expected costs and benefits. These case studies are compared to enhanced network response alternatives. IMPROGRES will assess how technology and tool solutions can be implemented by new policy and regulatory responses, in the end leading to cost-minimisation of energy supply with increased DG share all over the EU.