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Project information

Advances in the development of hydroelectric simulators

A. Ramos J.M. Latorre S. Cerisola

January 2006 - December 2006

Funding entity Iberdrola

The tool called Object Oriented Hydroelectric Simulator simulates the detailed operation of hydro plants once the production tables are known for different inflows data, which can be taken from historical or synthetic series. The result is the temporal evolution of the reservoirs that is introduced into the MPO model as an initial reference solution. This solution can be further modified when the whole mainland electric system is modelled.
In this project three main aspects are further developed: i) extension of the tool for other basins with their own peculiarities, ii) improvement of some modelling aspects and iii) connection with MPO. In the last stage a hydroelectric stochastic optimization model is going to be developed to determine the production tables for different inflows and market prices scenarios.