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GridTech: impact assessment of new technologies to foster RES-electricity integration into the European transmission system

P. Frías L. Olmos C. Fernandes P. Rodilla

May 2012 - April 2015

Funding entity Comisión Europea

Participated by Liderado por: EEG-TU Wien, RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico), WIP Renewable Energies, Organic Power Limited, EnBW (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG), EirGrid Plc, IET (Institute for Energy and Transport) - JRC (Joint Research Centre), BSERC (Black Sea Energy Research Centre), ESO (The Bulgarian Electricity System Operator), Terna Rete Italia, EUREC (The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres), TenneT, Verbund

The major objective of GridTech is to conduct a fully integrated impact assessment of the implementation of new technologies (RES-E generation, bulk storage, transmission network technologies) into the european electricity system necessary to exploit the full potential of future RES-E generation across Europe with lowest possible total electricity system cost.

More information at http://www.gridtech.eu/

Video here

Video here

Project funded by European Union, within Intelligent Energy Europe Programme:

    Research topics:
  • *Green energy integration
  • *Smart grids