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An applied integrated environmental impact assessment framework for the European Union

P. Linares M. Fernández D. Pérez P. Romera F.J. Santos

February 2001 - June 2003

Funding entity Comisión Europea

Participated by University of Bath, Enco Environmental Consultants AS, Universitaet Stuttgart , University of Hamburg , Aea Technology Plc , Institute of Occupational Medicine Ltd

This project aims to address two major problems. The first is a shortage of data on the major impacts to human health, wellbeing and the economy of the environmental damage caused by economic activity. This data shortage limits the ability of policymakers to identify the most appropriate environmental policies. The second major problem to be addresses is related to the framework of economic and environmental reporting that indicates to policymakers and the general public the success of the economy. The existing environmental accounting frameworks have been criticised for a number of reasons, and in particular because they do not place sufficient weight on sustainability concerns. This project will develop and apply an environmental accounting fra

mework that addresses these concerns.

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