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Project information

FRAC: Intelligent system for fraud and anomaly detection in electricity invoicing.

A. Muñoz M.A. Sanz-Bobi

April 1997 - April 1997

Funding entity Iberdrola Ingeniería y Consultoría

FRAC is an intelligent system for fraud and anomaly detection in energy consumption records used for electricity invoicing. The system makes use of Artificial Neural Networks for the probabilistic characterisation of the monthly evolution of different variables considered as representative of normal consumption patterns. Firstly, the system extracts a set of reference patterns of consumption which are observed in significant groups of consumers. Secondly it identifies the set of consumers whose consumption patterns do not match the observed normal behaviour. The application of the proposed system to a real case has revealed its double usefulness: as fraud and anomaly detector for inspection purposes, and as an aid to the consultant office for the selection of consumers that would benefit from a different contract.