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FLEXENER: New 100% renewable, flexible and robust energy system for the integration of new technologies in generation, networks and demand - Scenarios

M. Rivier T. Gómez A. Sánchez F. Martín A. Ramos J.P. Chaves S. Gómez L. Herding T. Freire-Barceló

October 2020 - December 2023

Funding entity Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.U

This project is part of the FLEXENER project. It corresponds to one of the activities of said project. The main objective of the FLEXENER project is to investigate new technologies and simulation models in the field of renewable generation, storage systems and flexible demand management and operation of the distribution network. A 100% renewable and decarbonised energy mix is ??sought, effectively integrated into the electrical system of the future in a flexible, efficient and safe way.
In this context, this project or activity has been in charge of building future scenarios for 2030 that, based on the resources and technological equipment available at that time, determine an optimal mix of renewable generation technologies, storage systems and energy management. the demand that allows covering the demand for electricity with sufficient guarantees of supply reliability.
These scenarios have served to feed other activities of the FLEXENER Project that analyze aspects of the detailed electrotechnical behavior of the electrical networks in these conditions to investigate the technical feasibility of the system and explore possible solutions to the technical problems they present.

Layman's summary: This project is part of the FLEXENER Project whose objective is to investigate and solve the technical challenges of operating a future 100% renewable electricity system. This project specifically builds consistent scenarios for combining renewable generation, storage and demand management, for its